BADG welcomes sponsorship by organizations and individuals who support our mission.
The BADG executive committee consists of the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Past Chair, the Treasury, and the Secretary.  These officers have established the following policies on Sponsorship which conforms with policies of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

Pharmaceutical and/or biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions of pharmaceutical or related sciences and other organizations or individuals that support the mission of BADG are eligible as sponsors. The sponsorship must be pre-approved by the BADG executive committee.

Levels of Sponsorship
There are three levels of sponsorship:
Annual Sponsorship- $2000 for at least 4 seminars, including 1 Tier 1 and 3 Tier 2. 
Tier 1 – $ 800 (Tabletop, 10-minute presentation of the sponsor company)
Tier 2 – $ 500 (Event announcements, web broadcasts, tabletop and flyers on the dinner tables)

Benefits of Sponsorship
1. Each sponsor at all Tiers will have one free ticket for the event.
2. Each sponsor will be allowed to distribute one-page flyers that introduce the sponsor to attendees of the event. Tier 1 sponsors can also give a 10-minute podium presentation about their company/organization.

*The above policies are subject to change by the BADG executive committee.
If you wish to sponsor an event, please contact the Chair for more information.