BADG welcomes volunteering by organizations and individuals who support our mission.
If you are interested in volunteering at BADG, please email a short biography and personal statement to current chair Joanna Wang at [email protected]

The Executive Committee (EC) team consists of the following officer volunteers: Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.  These officers support the overall planning, organizing, and conduct of BADG events.

Current volunteers:

Joanna Wang (ORIC)
[email protected]

Jing Ling (Merck)
[email protected]
Tel: 650-496-4554

Edward Yost (Genentech)
[email protected]
Tel: 650-467-1432

Past Chair
Jasleen Sodhi (Septerna)
[email protected]

The Chair-Elect succeeds to the Chair upon the completion of his/her term of office. The Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer are elected annually, for a one-year term beginning in February. The election is conducted by written ballot of the full membership prior to the last program meeting of the year.  

Chair-Elect: Acts as Chair in the absence of the Chair or as necessary. Assists the Chair in developing ideas/themes for BADG events and in arranging for speakers and sponsors for the meetings.

Term: One year. Chair-elect assumes the Chair position the following year.

Treasurer: Responsible for the financial aspects of the discussion group, assists with booking venue for events and provides a periodic financial review to the EC team.

Secretary: Assists with EC team meetings, communication of discussion group events and activities to members, registration and facilitation of BADG events.